The First Step Is The Toughest- Motivation Monday #1

Hardest Part Of Any Journey Is Taking The First Step


For the first post of this series, I want to talk about the reason I started this blog.

I always wanted to do something big, share my work and have people see and enjoy my content.

However, before I started I was afraid. I was afraid I would fail miserably and I would waste my time trying to reach my goal. Consequently, I looked for reasons not to start creating content. “What if other people make fun of me? What if I hurt somebody with my opinion?” These were questions I created from my subconscious. I had countless what if’s on my mind before I even started pursuing my goal. And this is where today’s motivation starts.

Taking The First Step

I started reading books, watching videos, and listened to tapes about success. I looked for advice and I searched for an answer on what I should do with my life. That is where I learned some of the most precious things.

Do Not Be Afraid Of The What If’s


Instead of worrying about what might happen if you take action, think about what is going to happen if you do not take action.

If you ask out that girl/ the boy you see in the bar, what is the worst thing that can happen? He/She can say no, say something rude and talk bad about you with his/ her friends. And this is the worst thing that can happen.

If you do not talk to her/him you might never meet that person again. He/ She can be the person you are looking for, the person might give you his/her number, he/ she can be the mother/ father of your kids. Unfortunately, you will never know because you never talked to his/her.

The Worst Thing Is ,Not Knowing What Could Have Been!


Begin With The End In Mind


Think about yourself at the end of your journey. What do you want to achieve? After that, ask yourself if your actions lead to that ending. Do your actions lead you towards the goal? Does, not taking action, help you become an influential content creator? I realized that the answer to this question is “no”. I understood if I keep procrastinating, I will never know if I can become an influential content creator. I recommend the same thing to you.

Ask yourself the question:

Does your current behavior lead you towards the goal you have in mind?

If it does not, change the behavior and ACT.


That is all for the first post on my motivation series.

I hope it was helpful and you liked it.

Have a Great Day!


Author: E presents

Success is happiness. I want to be happy and enjoy life to the fullest. I accept every challenge to become a better me each and every day.

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