Find Your “Why”-Motivation Monday #2

Why did you get out of the bed this morning? Why do you do what you do? Why are you so important, what makes your life significant?


What Is The “Why

Many people never find their “Why“. Therefore, when they ask themselves if they did anything they could, they say no. These people regret not giving it their all when they know they could have done better. They were not unmotivated, foolish, or lazy, but they did not know their “Why“.

Finding your “Why” might be the most the most important task of every human on this planet.  Your “Why” is your purpose, your cause, your belief. It is the reason you got out of bed this morning. It is the reason why you keep standing up after life knocks you down. It is the reason you do what you love to do.



Have you found that one thing that inspires you, that drives you? I am not talking about a general goal that you might have for the near future. Having more money is great, but it does not help you find your “Why“. Your “Why” should lead to the result that you really want. To get that result you need clarity. The more clarity your “Why” has, the stronger it is. Clarity is power. Your mind is attracted to power and there exist no excuse for a clear “Why“.

Pulling Force

A stronger “Why“, is a stronger pulling force. Instead of relying on your willpower, that gets easily shaken by emotions, you can rely on your “Why“, which is founded from your desire. And desire is stronger and lasts forever. Your “Why” pulls you to Your Goal and it holds on a lifetime. Every time you have that “Why” in mind you feel excited and you have the desire to fulfill that “Why”. That is the pulling force that takes you places you have not dreamed of before.

It Is Your “Why

People will try to tell you your “Why“. Your mom, your dad, your coach, your teacher, your friends; they all try to tell you what your “Why” is. However, you are the only one that knows your “Why“.  If you search inside yourself for your “Why”, it is going to lead you to the path that makes your life worth living. It is going to be the thing that separates you from the others. It is going to make you love yourself.

It Is Tough But It Is Worth It

The search for your Why is going to be tough though. You need to learn to fade out other peoples opinions of their thought what your “Why” is. You need to throw away habits, thoughts, and objects that hinder you on finding you “Why”. Your “Why” might hurt someone, but if you do not find your why, you will never feel real pain, happiness, sadness, love, or fulfillment. Your new thoughts lead you to becoming the person you really want to be.

Your “Why” Is Stronger Than Anything That Life Throws At You

If you find your “Why”, you will feel the energy with every breath you take. Whatever life throws at you it won’t be strong enough. However many times life knocks you down, your “Why” will be greater than that knockdown. You will get back up, take on the challenge and your the strong belief in your “Why” does not let you fail. At the end, you will say I did anything I could and I do not regret anything. That is when you triumphed at the game called life.

To Do:

Now it is time for you and me to find our “Why“. It is time to understand what dives us, what gets us out of bed in the morning, it is time to find why we are doing what we doing.

Take a paper and a pen. Take all the time you need to focus only on you. Understand that this is only for you, not for anybody else. Ask yourself, “Why do you get out of bed every morning, why do you do what you do, why do you live?” Write down everything down as precise as you need. After doing this, take another paper and write down your “Why” on one word. Put both papers on the wall where you sleep. Read it every day to strengthen your desire, your case, your “Why“.


It is time for us to live the best life possible. It is time for us to do what we desire. It is time to find our Why.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope it was as inspiring to you reading, as it was to me writing.


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