Count Your Accomplishments /Motivation Monday #7

Life can be tough. You will be get knocked down, experience negativity, and other people might talk bad  about you or others. These experiences can cost you energy and happiness. At times, it seems like the world is a bad place. However, you can be the one to change the world for the better. Even though, it might only be for one person, this is where you should start. To help other people see the positivity of life, you have to see it for yourself. How can you see the positivity of life?

Count your Accomplishments and Count the Things You Are Thankful For

Take a piece of paper and write down what you have accomplished.


However small it might be, however big it might be, write it down. Writing it down helps you remember the situation and signals your brain that this situation is of value. Naturally, it becomes easier to repeat that task. During the process of writing down your accomplishments, you will feel similar to when the situation happened. You will probably imagine the situation. When you go through all of this, try to feel how you feel more energetic, positive, and courageous.

Take a piece of paper and write down what you are thankful for.


Think of anything you are thankful for. Whatever it may be, put it on a paper. Being truly thankful for something brings true joy. It simply fills you with the good vibes that the person, moment, experience, or whatever it may be you are thankful for, gives you.

What Does It Do For You?

Like I said, it may seem like the world is a bad place. I am a strong believer that it is a great place. But, whether you think it is or not, you can decide if you want to live a positive life or negative life.

You can count your accomplishments and the things you are thankful for as often as you want to. It can only help you bring positivity in your life.

I hope you like this somewhat different post. 🙂



Feels Like My First Post

Well it isn’t though. I have been absent for some time and this is just a short notice to myself and to everyone who is going to read this. I have big plans and I am going to go full throttle. I might experience setbacks but whatever, I am looking forward to the challenges.

I am going to post some more “Motivations Mondays” and I will also add the “Workout Wednesdays”. Also, try to be on the lookout on a few insights of different things I have to learn on my way.

Thanks for reading this “comeback” post. It has more psychological meaning than any other meaning. Like a kick in my butt. 🙂

At Times, Life Is Like Basketball/ Motivation Monday #6


On The Court

On the court, a basketball player is judged by his actions. His performance depends on what he does on the court. It depends on points, assists, rebounds, blocks, steals, turnovers, defense, offense, communication, and many more factors. All these things come together and he will either have a bad game or a good game.


Everybody Fails

It might happen that you have a bad shooting game. You might miss 10 shots in a game. Nothing seems to be falling in the hole. The important thing is, what will you do the next time you have the opportunity to score? Will you shoot the ball, or will you pass up the opportunity of  success?


One Step Closer To Success

Today, I am here to tell you, you should not let your past affect your present.  Every miss brings you closer to a make. Treat every shot as an opportunity to be successful. If you do not shoot at all, you will never know if you would have made it. Same goes for all other things on the court. You can throw 10 turnovers in a row but the game will go on and the 11th time you go by your defender and all of a sudden you changed the game. You only have to forget the past and value the moment. After all, a bad mistake does not make you a bad player.


Just Try Again

All this also applies to life. You can have bad months, bad weeks, bad days, bad hours, whatever. However, just like the game goes on after a missed shot, life goes on after failing a job interview, arguing with your spouse, or failing a test. Again, the question is, what will you do the next time you have a job interview, a conversation with your spouse, or a test. Do not let the past affect your present. You have the opportunity to improve your life, enjoy the moment, and put a smile on the face of the people around you.

Therefore, just try to make the most out of it. Every miss brings you closer to a make and it only takes one chance to turn the situation around and get closer to all your goals. Take every opportunity and cherish it. If you do not try, you will never know if you would have made the shot.

Thank you for reading my kinda late post. I hope it is as motivating to you, as it is to me.


Beat Your Brain/ Motivation Monday #5

This post is inspired by Mel Robbins. She is a TV-Personality who changed my life for the better.

What inspired me to do this post, is this speech of her: YouTube/The Secret to Self-Motivation| One of the Best Speeches Ever

When I heard this speech I changed my life for the better. So, let me tell you how you can beat your own brain:

What Stops You From Changing Your Life?

Humans are not designed to do something challenging. Through evolution, the brain was conditioned to protect you. Everything that can potentially cause harm, the brain tries to  avoid at all cost. That means, every time you feel scared, overwhelmed or not up to the task, you hesitate. Hesitation signals your brain something is up that is not normal and it needs to stop.

That means you will never feel like doing the things that cause discomfort. Your brain will talk you out of it. Every decision you make, that can induce change includes some kind of risk and is probably causing some sort of discomfort. Therefore, you make the tiny decisions like eating bad, sleeping in, yelling at others, or not speaking up because it causes some discomfort that your brain wants to avoid.

All tiny decisions you make bring you to the place you are in in this moment.

How To Beat Your Brain


You have to beat the  knowledge-action-gap. This is the gap between knowing what the problem is and changing it. Most of us know what the problem is but we do not know what to do. We all want to improve our life but when it comes to the actual decision you need to make, your brain talks you out of it.

In order to make your brain shut up, you need to use the 5-Second Rule. pocket-watch-2058926_640

When making a decision, you have a five second window. After that, your brain kicks in and tells you how dangerous it is. It tells you it is better to do the same thing you ever do because it did not hurt you.

However, if you count backwards from 5 you interrupt your brain and deactivate the part that tells you to go back to the old behavior, instead you activate the part that is responsible for change. In these 5 seconds you can change your life. You go from living your life in autopilot to becoming a decision maker.

Do It

Just try it. When you want to change your actions, count out loud. 5…4…3…2…1…0 and do what you want. Do not let your brain interfere and fill you with doubt. Make the conscious decision to beat your brain!

Thank You For Reading

Make sure to check out Mel Robbins’ book the 5 Second Rule. I purchased it after seeing her YouTube videos and I am so happy I found her.

I hope you enjoyed the post.


Aim For The Impossible/ Motivation Monday #4

When you were a kid, what was your dream? Did you want to be an astronaut, maybe a police officer, or perhaps a rock-star? Well, certainly there were no limits to your dreams. Your family backed you up and told you, you can be anything you want. It was good that way.

However, something happened as time passed and you got older. All of a sudden, people told you, you should not aim for impossible goals. The people around you said, you should look for security and stability in your career, your relationships, basically in your whole life. It might have been your teachers, your coaches, your friends, maybe even your family.

Do not get me wrong. Stability and security is great. But do you have to give yuo your dreams for that?

Why would they tell you this? Why not go for the impossible? Obviously, it is too risky- so they say. You might loose everything- they say. You should aim for a mediocre job and a mediocre relationship as long as it is safe.


Why shouldn’t you aim for the top? Why shouldn’t you become an astronaut? Why should you do as they say? Is there a law that everybody has to obey that says you should aim for security instead of happiness. No there is not.

Do not lie to yourself about your dreams. They exist for a reason.

How great do you feel if you succeed in a little step in life. Imagine you do the same thing throughout your whole life. Imagine you wake up every morning, happy about who you are and looking forward to the opportunities that enable you to live your dream life.


What if you fail? Three things I tell you about failing.

#1 You can just start over or start something else. That means if you cannot reach your dream, you can still go back to do something most of the people do. Work in a job that somewhat satisfies them.

#2 Even if you fail, you can say that you gave your all and you regret nothing. I am telling you, it is way better than wondering what could have been…

#3 You do not fail if you get knocked down. You fail if you stay down. That means, as long as you get back up, you can never fail.

Take The Path Less Traveled


Think about it. Everybody is aiming for mediocre. Everybody is aiming for sub-par. That means there are more people in this direction which will make it harder to reach mediocrity. Instead, aim for the top. There are only a few people aiming for their dreams which means, there are only a few people on the way you are traveling. This makes it easier to reach your dream.

At The End

With this post, I only want to say that you can go for anything you want. Even though other people might tell you not to do so. Do not compromise when it comes to your happiness. You deserve it.

Thank you for reading 🙂




Wash Your Face- Motivation Monday #3

This post is inspired by T.D. Jakes. He is a U.S. American entrepreneur, author, and preacher.

Check out his books or watch some of the shows for great motivation and life lessons.

Every Morning


Every morning, after you wake up, make sure you wash your face. Wash away thoughts of the past, bad emotions, worries, and start the day from scratch. Be ready for the opportunities that the day is going to bring. Do not let your past effect your present.  Prepare yourself for the good things that are going to come. Treat every day like a new opportunity to reach new heights. Do it consciously every morning.

Every Day


After you washed your face you can focus on the things you really want to accomplish, without the past distracting you. You can read the book you really wanted to read, talk to the girl/boy you want to get to know, complete the task you want to complete, do the things you love. Go forward and go big in your life.

New Opportunity

Now you can embrace every day as a new opportunity to be successful. You can become great, regardless of what happened yesterday. Whether you had a bad day or good day, when the new day starts, you have the chance to live the best day of your life. If you wash your face!

Stop Worrying

Stop thinking and worrying about what happened in the past. The greatest things are right in front of you. Wash your face to be ready for the greatness.


Thank you for reading!
I hope this post is going to benefit you and your life.


Feeling Like You Get 5 Steps Forward But Knocked 10 Steps Back? — Elevateursoul

Thank you Elevateursoul for this post. It made my day and gives me strength. For me it is time to take a deep breath and make some changes. You reminded me that it is my decision to get back up and be the captain of my ship.

I want to share my gratitude sharing your post.


Sometimes you have to take a step back in life. In taking those steps back you somehow either learn a lesson or continue to keep bumping your head on the same misfortune. Or maybe even the same habits, same thoughts, or same feelings. It could be one of those feelings when everything is going right, […]

via Feeling Like You Get 5 Steps Forward But Knocked 10 Steps Back? — Elevateursoul

Find Your “Why”-Motivation Monday #2

Why did you get out of the bed this morning? Why do you do what you do? Why are you so important, what makes your life significant?


What Is The “Why

Many people never find their “Why“. Therefore, when they ask themselves if they did anything they could, they say no. These people regret not giving it their all when they know they could have done better. They were not unmotivated, foolish, or lazy, but they did not know their “Why“.

Finding your “Why” might be the most the most important task of every human on this planet.  Your “Why” is your purpose, your cause, your belief. It is the reason you got out of bed this morning. It is the reason why you keep standing up after life knocks you down. It is the reason you do what you love to do.



Have you found that one thing that inspires you, that drives you? I am not talking about a general goal that you might have for the near future. Having more money is great, but it does not help you find your “Why“. Your “Why” should lead to the result that you really want. To get that result you need clarity. The more clarity your “Why” has, the stronger it is. Clarity is power. Your mind is attracted to power and there exist no excuse for a clear “Why“.

Pulling Force

A stronger “Why“, is a stronger pulling force. Instead of relying on your willpower, that gets easily shaken by emotions, you can rely on your “Why“, which is founded from your desire. And desire is stronger and lasts forever. Your “Why” pulls you to Your Goal and it holds on a lifetime. Every time you have that “Why” in mind you feel excited and you have the desire to fulfill that “Why”. That is the pulling force that takes you places you have not dreamed of before.

It Is Your “Why

People will try to tell you your “Why“. Your mom, your dad, your coach, your teacher, your friends; they all try to tell you what your “Why” is. However, you are the only one that knows your “Why“.  If you search inside yourself for your “Why”, it is going to lead you to the path that makes your life worth living. It is going to be the thing that separates you from the others. It is going to make you love yourself.

It Is Tough But It Is Worth It

The search for your Why is going to be tough though. You need to learn to fade out other peoples opinions of their thought what your “Why” is. You need to throw away habits, thoughts, and objects that hinder you on finding you “Why”. Your “Why” might hurt someone, but if you do not find your why, you will never feel real pain, happiness, sadness, love, or fulfillment. Your new thoughts lead you to becoming the person you really want to be.

Your “Why” Is Stronger Than Anything That Life Throws At You

If you find your “Why”, you will feel the energy with every breath you take. Whatever life throws at you it won’t be strong enough. However many times life knocks you down, your “Why” will be greater than that knockdown. You will get back up, take on the challenge and your the strong belief in your “Why” does not let you fail. At the end, you will say I did anything I could and I do not regret anything. That is when you triumphed at the game called life.

To Do:

Now it is time for you and me to find our “Why“. It is time to understand what dives us, what gets us out of bed in the morning, it is time to find why we are doing what we doing.

Take a paper and a pen. Take all the time you need to focus only on you. Understand that this is only for you, not for anybody else. Ask yourself, “Why do you get out of bed every morning, why do you do what you do, why do you live?” Write down everything down as precise as you need. After doing this, take another paper and write down your “Why” on one word. Put both papers on the wall where you sleep. Read it every day to strengthen your desire, your case, your “Why“.


It is time for us to live the best life possible. It is time for us to do what we desire. It is time to find our Why.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope it was as inspiring to you reading, as it was to me writing.


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How to Sleep Better: How To Wake Up Early/ Importance Of A Sleeping Routine

Importance of a Sleeping Routine: YouTube/ Importance Of A Sleeping Routine


The First Step Is The Toughest- Motivation Monday #1

Hardest Part Of Any Journey Is Taking The First Step


For the first post of this series, I want to talk about the reason I started this blog.

I always wanted to do something big, share my work and have people see and enjoy my content.

However, before I started I was afraid. I was afraid I would fail miserably and I would waste my time trying to reach my goal. Consequently, I looked for reasons not to start creating content. “What if other people make fun of me? What if I hurt somebody with my opinion?” These were questions I created from my subconscious. I had countless what if’s on my mind before I even started pursuing my goal. And this is where today’s motivation starts.

Taking The First Step

I started reading books, watching videos, and listened to tapes about success. I looked for advice and I searched for an answer on what I should do with my life. That is where I learned some of the most precious things.

Do Not Be Afraid Of The What If’s


Instead of worrying about what might happen if you take action, think about what is going to happen if you do not take action.

If you ask out that girl/ the boy you see in the bar, what is the worst thing that can happen? He/She can say no, say something rude and talk bad about you with his/ her friends. And this is the worst thing that can happen.

If you do not talk to her/him you might never meet that person again. He/ She can be the person you are looking for, the person might give you his/her number, he/ she can be the mother/ father of your kids. Unfortunately, you will never know because you never talked to his/her.

The Worst Thing Is ,Not Knowing What Could Have Been!


Begin With The End In Mind


Think about yourself at the end of your journey. What do you want to achieve? After that, ask yourself if your actions lead to that ending. Do your actions lead you towards the goal? Does, not taking action, help you become an influential content creator? I realized that the answer to this question is “no”. I understood if I keep procrastinating, I will never know if I can become an influential content creator. I recommend the same thing to you.

Ask yourself the question:

Does your current behavior lead you towards the goal you have in mind?

If it does not, change the behavior and ACT.


That is all for the first post on my motivation series.

I hope it was helpful and you liked it.

Have a Great Day!


Time To Get Up Early



Again, it is 2:15 a.m. and I find myself watching videos on how to get up early in the morning. This has been a problem ever since I have gotten into high school. In the night, I set like 10 alarms to make sure I am not sleeping in. What happens? Of course I wake up at the last possible minute and I have to hurry to my appointments.

All of these nights I tell myself tomorrow will be different. From tomorrow on, I can magically get up and fight my sleepiness. Whether I sleep 7, 5, 4, or only 3 hours, I am going to make it. Did it happen? No it did not. 90 percent of the time I hit the snooze button and I stayed in bed until I really had to get up.

There was no time for  a good breakfast or a 15 minute morning workout. The few times I managed to get up early in the morning, I did those things, but these rare occasions never lasted. I fell back to my old behavior.


Why do I want to get up early in the morning? There is so much to accomplish during the day, some much things to be thankful about, and I do not want to waste my time. I do not want to be in bed when I know I could be outside reaching new mental and physical levels.

Never Stop Trying


Today, I want to try again. Why should it be different this time? I wrote down routines. I wrote down one pre-bedtime routine and a post-bedtime routine. I will stick to these routines because I believe they can help me reach my sleeping goals. Also, I understand that change can take time. I might fail one day but if I stick to the routines, I will improve my sleep.

At the end, I do need sleep to have energy for a day. Therefore, it is impractical to only have about 4 hours of sleep. However, I want to find out how much sleep I really need. I have heard so many opinions on what is the right amount of sleep. Theretofore, I start slowly.

I will try to sleep about 6 hrs and 45 minutes a night. After a month, I will assess my level of activity and see how I am feeling. I truly believe great things will happen if I enjoy the process and live life to the fullest.

I put that on my Site to track my process. I want to write down what waking up early in the morning is doing to me. I want to share beautiful thoughts and images.

Thank you for reading.