Beat Your Brain/ Motivation Monday #5

This post is inspired by Mel Robbins. She is a TV-Personality who changed my life for the better.

What inspired me to do this post, is this speech of her: YouTube/The Secret to Self-Motivation| One of the Best Speeches Ever

When I heard this speech I changed my life for the better. So, let me tell you how you can beat your own brain:

What Stops You From Changing Your Life?

Humans are not designed to do something challenging. Through evolution, the brain was conditioned to protect you. Everything that can potentially cause harm, the brain tries to  avoid at all cost. That means, every time you feel scared, overwhelmed or not up to the task, you hesitate. Hesitation signals your brain something is up that is not normal and it needs to stop.

That means you will never feel like doing the things that cause discomfort. Your brain will talk you out of it. Every decision you make, that can induce change includes some kind of risk and is probably causing some sort of discomfort. Therefore, you make the tiny decisions like eating bad, sleeping in, yelling at others, or not speaking up because it causes some discomfort that your brain wants to avoid.

All tiny decisions you make bring you to the place you are in in this moment.

How To Beat Your Brain


You have to beat the  knowledge-action-gap. This is the gap between knowing what the problem is and changing it. Most of us know what the problem is but we do not know what to do. We all want to improve our life but when it comes to the actual decision you need to make, your brain talks you out of it.

In order to make your brain shut up, you need to use the 5-Second Rule. pocket-watch-2058926_640

When making a decision, you have a five second window. After that, your brain kicks in and tells you how dangerous it is. It tells you it is better to do the same thing you ever do because it did not hurt you.

However, if you count backwards from 5 you interrupt your brain and deactivate the part that tells you to go back to the old behavior, instead you activate the part that is responsible for change. In these 5 seconds you can change your life. You go from living your life in autopilot to becoming a decision maker.

Do It

Just try it. When you want to change your actions, count out loud. 5…4…3…2…1…0 and do what you want. Do not let your brain interfere and fill you with doubt. Make the conscious decision to beat your brain!

Thank You For Reading

Make sure to check out Mel Robbins’ book the 5 Second Rule. I purchased it after seeing her YouTube videos and I am so happy I found her.

I hope you enjoyed the post.


Author: E presents

Success is happiness. I want to be happy and enjoy life to the fullest. I accept every challenge to become a better me each and every day.

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