Hey I am E. It is not my real name but my friends and family call me that. And I enjoy that nickname. So that is what I go by these days. I am male and I am born 1996.

I am trying to live the best life and creating a blog is part of it. So you are witness on how it all began. I blog about what is going on in my life, thoughts ,emotions and my journey to live the life I desire. I hope you enjoy my posts.

That is basically all the information about me. However, I am still sitting here, sometimes debating if I should really talk about my life on the internet. Well, if you read this, it means I did it. If nobody reads this, I will have memories I can look at from time to time, or perhaps I can show this to family and friends. Regardless, there is a lot on my mind and I would love to get of my chest. I feel like it helps me and maybe, some day somebody else might give some great advice that can help me do the next step in my life. In the past, I tended to keep things to myself. Many bad emotions piled up that way and I did not want to live that way.

How do I want to live? That is the real question right there. I have a few things on my checklist. I have specific images in my mind, about what I will be doing in my life. I am 100 percent convinced I want to do these things. Unfortunately, sometimes I loose focus because I am scared that I am going the wrong way. Or somebody else tells me this is not the way. Regardless of what other people say or if I become scared, I have no doubt that I want to achieve these things. Now it is just about going the way. It is no easy way but I believe nobody else can live my life but me. So what are my goals?

I want to be successful.

I feel like I see the word success quite a lot. Sometimes I watch videos that have the name “The 7 steps to success” or “10 signs you will be successful” or even “advice from the most successful people in the world”. All these videos talk about how to be successful but these videos do not really define success. When I watched these videos, I have had a few things on my mind that I wanted to achieve. These things were playing basketball in the NBA, making a lot of money, and becoming famous for example. Especially, my goal to play basketball was burned in my mind for my whole youth. Why did I want to do these things? I just really wanted to.  When I turned 14, I started going to basketball practice every day. It was like, all I was doing, I wanted to win. Whether it was playing board games or playing basketball. Since I played ball so much, I wanted to win even worse. I never really spent a thought on why I wanted to play basketball, except for having fun. Then there was summer 16. After one year of Junior College in Texas, I was spending time in North Carolina to work on my game. It was the cheapest stay during the summer and I was going to improve my game. Also I was going to make some money. Well, what happened was, I barely had anything to do and only worked out, mostly on my own. In my free time I thought a lot about my life. That is where I asked myself, why do I play basketball. I had a rough first season in Junior College and the fun was kind of gone. That is where it started, looking up success, how to become successful and that sort of stuff. My journey on living the best life possible began. After one year and about 4 months I still discover new parts of success and I think it will never stop.

The best definition of success I have found is: Success means reaching a goal. That is the most simplified definition of success but for me it means so much. That is why I wrote down exact goals for me. I took my time and wrote down my goals. I became more and more specific because there was just no point in having something if you do not know why. The best example is having money without nobody to share it. That would make me sad. Therefore, I write down why I want to have so much money.

Here are my goals:

I want to share happiness and I want to be happy

It is just about enjoying the time of my life. Sharing happiness can be as simple as giving compliments. I hope I can make other people happy with all I am doing. Especially, the people that I cherish like family and friends.  When I write these words I believe it can help other people, some might find it funny, but as long as I spread happiness I become a little more happier. I also find happiness in other things that might not look that way at first glance. This brings me to my second goal.

Overcoming challenges and becoming better

There is a certain feeling I have when I set a task for myself, put in my all to achieve the task, and at the end complete the task. It did feel awesome when I dunked the ball the first time after countless hours of practice. It did feel awesome when I published my first book after 1 years and 6 months of preparation. It also feels awesome to write these words. This is because I really want to do this. I was debating when I started writing but reaching deep in my heart made me realize this is what I really want. Therefore, I want to put work into it. Even though the journey to become better will be tough, I just have that feeling when I challenge myself I take one more step towards the best life.


These two things are kind of broad terms. That is where my sheet of goals comes into place. The specific images of what I would really love to do.

If you are still reading up until this point this means you must have good patience, since I am not the best writer and this is my very first post on this site. I want to say thank you. The journey is on this blog and having somebody read it is just crazy. I have reached a goal if you read this, even though I might not know it. I hope I can give you what you need when you read about my journey, whether it is knowledge, motivation, or passion.

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