Wearing A Mouthpiece

Are you an athlete? Do you love the game you are playing? Do you play hard?


I try my all to play basketball as hard as possible, because I love it. If I would not give my all, I would not be satisfied with myself. It would be a waste of time. Therefore, I put pressure on my opponent, go to every rebound, and jump for the loose ball. Obviously, my opponents do not like me on the court but that is another topic.


All the intensity I bring on the court can lead to accidents. I have had people run into me, elbow me, fall on me. Many crazy things happened. I you play hard this might have happened to you before. One time, I dived for the ball and fell over the opponent bench and hit my head. It hurt bad for a few days. Fortunately, it was nothing serious.

Teeth Accidents

It was only a practice when I was 17 years old. I played defense and put pressure on the ball. The guy I guarded ripped the ball through. That is where it happened. He elbowed one of my front teeth. It hurt kinda bad, but not really. I walked to the rest room, cleaned the blood and I felt it was somewhat loose. I thought I would be good.

A few days after practice I went to the dentist who told me the tooth died. The nerves and the circulatory system is cut off. If I would leave my tooth the way it is, it would turn black over time. Obviously, I did not want that to happen. they almost sharped everything off of the tooth and put a “crown” on my it. The process was long and annoying. Also, it has a slightly different color.

I do not wish that to anybody. The pain during the accident was not really intense but it was very bothering. After the accident, the tooth was loose. When eating, it constantly hurt and I was afraid it was going to fall off. And you can prevent all that with one thing.


A mouthpiece can prevent all the problems accompanied with teeth accidents. You can keep your natural teeth, prevent pain, and you can eat food without problems. It might look weird and feel weird in the beginning. However, you have to decide if you want to wear a mouthpiece for a few hours, or have one tooth less for your whole life.

It Is Scary

My teammate went up for a rebound. The area was crowded. I did not see exactly what happened but after the referee blew the whistle, my teammate was on his knees grabbing another guys jersey. He looked like he was in immense pain and pointed at his mouth. Luckily, some professionals rushed in from the side and treated him. He went to the hospital where they treated him. Now he has a artificial tooth.

To Sum It Up

Whatever sport you do, accidents can happen. In some sports more, in some less. If you give it your all, you can not prevent accidents but you can protect yourself. Therefore, I recommend wearing a mouthpiece (especially for Basketball).

Thank you for Reading 🙂



Being Too Nice

Can You Really Be Too Nice?


Is there such a thing like being too nice? Isn’t it important to be nice to the people around you? My parents used to tell me, be nice and respectful to others, so they do the same to you. Is that all true?

Many people tell me I am a “nice kid”. There might very well be truth behind that. When people are asking me to do something for them, I often do so. I do not talk back very often and consequently, I do not argue with other people that much. When it comes to anger, I never really burst out and show my emotions. I keep it to myself, what can be really bothersome over time.

What Is In For You?

All people see from me is a hard working, helpful, quiet, happy, nice man. At least that is what people describe me as. Is it fulfilling to live this way? What personal goals are you going to reach if you do things for other people, keep agreeing with them, and do not try to change the current status quo?

You see where this is going right? If you are telling me you do not want to complain and not behaving positive is toxic, I totally understand where you are coming from. For my whole life, I worked it silence without raising my voice. However, I am starting to learn that there is a difference between complaining and standing up for your pride and your principles. 


Why You Should Be More Egoistic.

Think about it! The greatest achievers in the world challenged the status quo. Christopher Columbus challenged the belief that the world is a plate. He was egoistic about his thought and did not care what the whole world said. At the end, he discovered a new continent.

Michael Jordan challenged the belief that he could not play basketball in high school. He only wanted to what he loves. Now he is considered the best basketball player of all time.

Just to name two great achievers.

They also knew, that there was no progress without conflict. If you believe you have a better way than the current one, you have to have confidence and raise your voice to help yourself and the people around you. Whether you are right or wrong does not matter. It is all about the will to change something for the better.

Lastly, I want to say that helping someone else is a noble gesture. There is nothing wrong with it but think about what your priorities are. Whose life are you living? What I am trying to say is, if you keep helping someone else, you might start living someone else’s life, someones else’s dream. Of course I help the person that struggles to carry heavy stuff, or if someone dropped something I help the person pick it up. That is a no-brainer for me. But I do not want anybody else to use me for his or her goals.

Thank You For Reading

This post goes out to everyone who can identify himself or herself with this post. Moreover, this is a note to myself. I am the one who is not raising his voice enough. I want to go far as an athlete and as a human being. Keeping it the way it is and constantly helping others, putting myself last, does not help me get where I want to be.

That is why:

  • I want to stand up for what I am saying
  • I want to put myself first
  • I want to live my own life
  • I want to argue if someone threatens my pride
  • I want to be courageous

At The End

At the end, I am trying to be nice and helpful, especially to the people that I value more than anything.  I will still stand up for what I am saying though. At the end, it is my life that I am living.

When it comes to people that disagree with for what I am standing for, I will learn to stand even taller. This way I can protect my pride and go my own way first. If I can help you on the way, I will do so. Remember though, without no conflict, you never have progress.

This way, I hope I can find people that I can reach every goal with.



Thank you for reading.


I hate Ankle Sprains! I love coming back stronger!

Why do I hate them?

I am playing basketball in 2 teams in Germany. I am practicing 5 to 7 times a week. Why do I do it? Because I really enjoy playing basketball and it just gives me positive energy to compete with friends. I enjoy the journey and I love the process. I have had this frequency of training ever since I was 15 years old (I am 20). I was 17 or 18 years old when I sprained my ankle the first time. I was in pain, but my coach knew what to do. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation (RICE Method). I just had to rest until I was pain free and I was good to play ball again. I was doing alright for a long time but when I least expected it, it happened again. This time I sprained my ankle and tore a ligament. I was out for 6 weeks and I had to wear a cast. In this time I was thinking quite a lot. The season just ended and I had much free time. It bothered me a lot but I was ready to fight the sprains. I started to use balance exercises to prevent more injuries (Importance of balance). I was doing alright for a long time but when I enrolled in College I had less spare time to work on my ankle balance. Starting College, I sprained my ankle at least twice every season. Fortunately, it usually only took about a week to come back from the injury but it is horrible to sit outside when you want to be out there so bad. Even worse is it to be afraid of spraining the ankle every time I step on the court. It always is the right ankle that has been bothering me. That is why I hate ankle sprains.

Why say all that?

Well, I sprained my ankle just today.

Ankle Sprain Skizze 3

I had a game and I played the whole game. 3 minutes before the game was over I jumped up for a rebound and landed on someone’s foot. The worst thing is I sprained my ankle about 3 weeks ago. I really want to put a stop to this epidemic of sprains.

What should I do?

I  learn something new everyday and especially in the last months when I started my other site Gen-Fit. I understand why I sprain my ankle and what I need to do to prevent more of these sprains. I also consider buying a strong brace that can support me when I play basketball. I need to protect myself if I land on somebody’s foot (That is how all my sprains happened). That should not automatically mean I sprain my ankle. That also means I need to focus even more on strengthening my ankle with balance exercises. My ankle should not get too used to the brace and become weaker. Therefore, I shift my focus on improving my balance. I use exercises with a balance pad and elastic bands to improve my balance.

Secret Technique

In addition to all that, I came across a technique that should help my ligaments to recover stronger. See, after a sprain I have micro tears in the ligaments and they become looser. Just like an overused rubber band. The ligaments grow back together using the path of least resistance. Therefore, the so called scar tissue grows back together weaker and more susceptible to future sprains. Now I came across cross fiber friction massage. It is a technique that is supposed to help the ligaments heal back together in the position that is most efficient in holding the bones together. It means, I help my ligaments to regenerate and become stronger. I feel confident using the technique and I hope it will help me to reduce the number of future sprains.

I am confident I will become stronger. I believe in it and I take the appropriate steps to come back ready as a stronger person, mentally and physically.

Keep chasing your dreams everyone!!

Do not led anything hold you back. This injury will not hold me back either!!