Aim For The Impossible/ Motivation Monday #4

When you were a kid, what was your dream? Did you want to be an astronaut, maybe a police officer, or perhaps a rock-star? Well, certainly there were no limits to your dreams. Your family backed you up and told you, you can be anything you want. It was good that way.

However, something happened as time passed and you got older. All of a sudden, people told you, you should not aim for impossible goals. The people around you said, you should look for security and stability in your career, your relationships, basically in your whole life. It might have been your teachers, your coaches, your friends, maybe even your family.

Do not get me wrong. Stability and security is great. But do you have to give yuo your dreams for that?

Why would they tell you this? Why not go for the impossible? Obviously, it is too risky- so they say. You might loose everything- they say. You should aim for a mediocre job and a mediocre relationship as long as it is safe.


Why shouldn’t you aim for the top? Why shouldn’t you become an astronaut? Why should you do as they say? Is there a law that everybody has to obey that says you should aim for security instead of happiness. No there is not.

Do not lie to yourself about your dreams. They exist for a reason.

How great do you feel if you succeed in a little step in life. Imagine you do the same thing throughout your whole life. Imagine you wake up every morning, happy about who you are and looking forward to the opportunities that enable you to live your dream life.


What if you fail? Three things I tell you about failing.

#1 You can just start over or start something else. That means if you cannot reach your dream, you can still go back to do something most of the people do. Work in a job that somewhat satisfies them.

#2 Even if you fail, you can say that you gave your all and you regret nothing. I am telling you, it is way better than wondering what could have been…

#3 You do not fail if you get knocked down. You fail if you stay down. That means, as long as you get back up, you can never fail.

Take The Path Less Traveled


Think about it. Everybody is aiming for mediocre. Everybody is aiming for sub-par. That means there are more people in this direction which will make it harder to reach mediocrity. Instead, aim for the top. There are only a few people aiming for their dreams which means, there are only a few people on the way you are traveling. This makes it easier to reach your dream.

At The End

With this post, I only want to say that you can go for anything you want. Even though other people might tell you not to do so. Do not compromise when it comes to your happiness. You deserve it.

Thank you for reading 🙂