The NBA started

The season 2017/-18 started a few days ago. As a passionate basketball player I follow the teams and watch the highlights. Living in Europe makes it tough to catch the games live though😅 .  Especially, when you have to get up early and you enjoy your sleep.

Regardless, I am looking forward to see as much as possible. Especially, I want to see you Dennis Schröder. The Hawks Point Guard is a great player that shows me how far I can make it being from Germany.

I am not as much into the predictions and knowing all the stats, however, I try to soak up as much as possible from the players. This way I learn to improve my game every day. In Europe, staying up late until 4:30 in the morning just to watch a game with a few friends can be an entertaining experience.

Being a player myself, I always wish to be on the court instead of just a viewer. This is another reason I think it is great that the NBA started. I just have the feeling to go to the court and work on my game to become a great as possible. It is about finding joy and happiness in everything I do. The NBA season only reminds me how great Basketball can be.


Who are you looking forward to see?

When it comes to the teams, I am really interested to see how well Cleveland and Milwaukee is going to do. I wonder if they repeat their Conference Domination and I want to see how well the team fits together.

I am looking forward to see Milwaukee because they look good on paper, but will they perform on court? Whether they do, or not I am sure I will see some awesome games from the team.

I hope you liked the post.

Make sure you share who you are looking forward to see 😀


Author: E presents

Success is happiness. I want to be happy and enjoy life to the fullest. I accept every challenge to become a better me each and every day.

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