Becoming a Physical Therapist

Well, a few weeks a started going to physical therapy school. It will take 3 years for me to become a certified physical therapist. When this time comes, I can work at a hospital or fitness studio to help people heal their body an mind. But that will take some time. Now I have to focus on the coming 3 years to perform great at school to be able to become great at hat I do.

Why become a Physical Therapist?

If you are interested in sports and biology it makes sense to become a physical therapist, right? I think the same way; however I learned that this is not the only thing that you need to go this way. I have met lots of people, interested in the exact topic, they have totally different goals now. The desire to become a physical therapist comes from a deep desire to understand the whole body and to work with and for other people.

I personally think the functioning of the body is amazing and I want to learn about the functioning to bring other people and me happiness in life. If you want to become a physical therapist, definitely learn about the job before you start your journey to become a physical therapist. The 2 weeks that I spent at physical therapy required focus and patience, especially when learning in theory. When learning practically, it is very fun and I already learned a lot.

Another reason for me to become a physical therapist is my experience with their work. I had to go to different physical therapists so many times and every time they helped me. Whether it was becoming stronger, more flexible, pain free or whatever. They always helped me improve my life. The one physical therapist that helped me the most is somebody I never met. Jeff Cavaliere. He runs the YouTube Channel Athlean-X and gives me valuable information about becoming stronger, pain free and many more things, to this day. His work greatly inspired me to become a physical therapist.

Here a link to his channel: YouTube/ ATHLEAN-X

Fear of Becoming a Physical Therapist

There is just one thing that I am afraid of in my journey to become a physical therapist. When I picture myself working as a physical therapist, I see me working with many different people, perhaps working in different countries, maybe with sports teams. What I do not really want is, working with people like working on a conveyor belt. What I mean by that is, there are guidelines for physical therapists working in the hospital or in someones studio. A physical therapist has only 20 minutes to work with one patient. In special cases up to one hour but people do talk negatively about the amount of time. You need way more to treat the patient effectively. And I do not want to run from patient to patient, without really helping them and at the end working at a job that I do not enjoy anymore.

At the end, I doubt that this will happen. I always try to accomplish my goal as best as I can.

I hope you liked this post. Thank you for taking the time and reading 🙂

Author: E presents

Success is happiness. I want to be happy and enjoy life to the fullest. I accept every challenge to become a better me each and every day.

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